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TexShare DataBase (It's Amazing!!!)
TexShare is a subscription provided to
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and MUCH MORE! Contact us for the
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Carl & Mary Welhausen Library
810 Front Street
Yoakum, TX 77995
Phone #:  (361) 293-5001
The Friends of the Carl
and Mary Welhausen
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Come by and check out our newly formed junior and young adult sections.  We offer a variety of reading
material including over 980 junior fiction & 725 young adult fiction, and over 925 non-fiction titles.  
FREE Math Tutoring
call 361-293-5001 to schedule
your session.
Movies Available for Check Out
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DVDs and BluRay
Friends of the Carl and Mary Welhausen Library Teen Advisory Committee
The Friends of the Carl and Mary Welhausen Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) is a volunteer group of responsible and
dedicated individuals ranging from ages 12-18 who are committed to making a difference in the Library and their Community.
This committee operates under the direction of the Friends of the Library Board. Members will have a vital role in helping
develop the junior and young adult collections, with community outreach, event and program planning, publicity, and
volunteering. TAC members gain community service hours, great leadership skills and meet new people, as they participate
and assist, as a team, in organizing certain events and programs throughout the year.

This group of young people is very active in the development of programs, the teen section, and other activities for the youth
in Yoakum.  
Current projects include the furnishing of the teen section, fundraising for new books and furniture, the
formation of a book club, children's & teen programming for the summer of 2017, and a food drive. The
deliverance of these projects will depend on the availability of funding.

Open Enrollment for this committee is generally held during the month of August.  The service year will run from September 1
through August 31.
Homework Help &
Research Sites
Online Schools
Looking for an online
school option for your
children? Try this link
for more information
Library Receives Juvenile Services Grant
The Carl and Mary Welhausen Library has recently been awarded a
grant from the Tocker Foundation in the amount of
$8,489 to assist with the addition of new material, story time supplies,
and activity centers within the children’s, junior, and young adult
sections of the library.  
The Tocker Foundation has been a long-time supporter of the “little”
Texas libraries assisting those serving a population of 12,000 or less.  
This Foundation was established in 1964 to implement the
philanthropic interest of Phillip and Olive Tocker.
Their overall focus is to assist libraries in making services more
accessible to the communities they serve.
The Library and the City of Yoakum would like to take this
opportunity to thank the Tocker Foundation for their hard work,
commitment to libraries, and for the gracious award of this grant and
other grants provided to our library. To date, they have provided
funding to the Carl and Mary Welhausen Library totaling an amount of
Library Receives Texas Book Festival Collection
Enhancement Grant for Audiobooks
Come by the library this summer to see what’s NEW! We are
increasing the number of audio books within the junior and
young adult sections.  All new material will be on display
throughout the months of June and July and will be available for
check out.  After this time, they will be moved to their proper
location within the junior and young adult sections.  Never
checked out an audio book before? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Since the Texas Book Festival was founded in 1995, it has been
a part of the mission to promote literacy and Texas libraries.
Each year, funds raised at the annual Texas Book Festival, in
Austin, support the grants that are distributed the following
year.  Since 1996, the organization has funded an approximate
1,121 grants totaling more than $2.9 million to over 600 libraries
in Texas. This funding enables libraries to share the diversity
and availability of literature within their communities.

The Carl and Mary Welhausen Library also received a grant
from the Texas Book Festival in 2016 in the amount of $2,500
to enhance the Children’s Spanish Bi-lingual section. Don’t
forget about this amazing section!
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