Personnel & Equipment

Yoakum Fire/EMS Department boasts the most recent fire fighting equipment and well trained personnel to better serve the
needs of our citizens.

10 City Personnel; 25 Volunteer Personnel; 2 Pumper Trucks;
1 Rescue Truck; 2 Tanker Trucks; 1 Ladder Truck; 3 Grass Fire Trucks; and 2 Ambulances

We have a coverage area of about 500 square miles out of one station and mutual aid agreements with the surrounding counties.
203 Nelson St./PO Box 738
Yoakum, TX 77995  
Emergency 9-1-1      
NON-Emergency Phone #: (361) 293-5125
General Inquiries:
Fire Chief, Mark Herchek
Mission Statement
The mission of the Yoakum Fire/EMS Department is to protect the life and
property from fire and other emergencies through incident response and public
education.  It’s the department’s endeavor to deliver the highest level of care,
including Advanced Life Support, to our residents.  As a customer driven
organization, it is our mission and number one priority to deliver the best
possible service to our customers.

American Red Cross



Homeland Security

South Texas Blood &

TX DOT Evacuation

Tx Commission on Fire

National Hurricane

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Outdoor Burning Brochure
Left to Right: Trent McCarty, Fire/EMT Basic; Jeff Ruppert, Fire/EMS Captain; Mark Herchek, Fire Chief,
Jennifer Laqua, Fire/EMS/Captain, Jeff Fishbeck, Fire/EMS Captain; Isaiah Riebeling, Fire/EMS Basic;
James Herchek, Fire/EMS Intermediate.
808 Hwy 77-A South
PO Box 738
Yoakum, TX 77995
Phone #:  (361) 293-5125
Fax #:  (361) 293-5125
Disaster Preparedness