The City of Yoakum was born on July 28, 1887 when the first train of the San Antonio Aransas Pass (S.A.A.P.)
Railroad reached this area of South Texas.  Two hundred acres were granted, plus every other block to make
the Townsite Company.

Yoakum was incorporated on May 13, 1889 with the first Mayor being L.W. Thomas.

The first light and water plant was promoted by a gentleman by the name of Jim Blanks in 1891 who later
passed it on to the Yoakum Improvement Company, to be succeeded in 1913 by L. L. Stephenson and the
Texas-Louisiana Power company. Then in between 1931 to 1932 the Municipal Electric and Water plant was
Yoakum’s first electric and water plant.  To
the left is the Natatorium which housed
the first indoor swimming pool, and was
later used as a skating rink
The City Hall currently houses Utilities, General Administration, Economic
Development, Code Enforcement, and Finance.  We relocated to 808 Hwy 77-A South
beside Sonic in Yoakum on January 28, 2008.  This building was previously owned by
TexTan Western.  Our open house was held on May 29, 2008.